Monday, September 28, 2009

Successful Heart Walk

Thanks to everyone who supported me in the American Heart Association Heart Walk! This past Saturday, September 26th, I walked the 3 mile route with my surgery team of 15 ladies! We raised over $1400 to support the AHA fight against heart disease and stroke! It was a fun time and was even better when it didn't rain. Louisville had been gettng quite a bit of rain the previous week and was expected to storm all the way through Sunday, but we got a break! Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coffee anyone?

So, in preparation for the Heart Walk on Saturday, the American Heart Association had some contests last week! It's a final push to raise as much money as we can in support of heart disease and stroke prevention and research. Well, everyday there was a prize for the person who sent out the most e-mails through their Heart Walk site. I knew I had a lot of e-mails I could send out, you might have even gotten one, so I waited until a great prize day! I sent out my e-mails and guess what.....I WON!!! 158 e-mails later, I won a fabulous prize of coffee, coffee, and more coffee, and then a gift card for, you guessed it, MORE COFFEE!!!

To be honest, Jim's really the coffee drinker, which is why I waited until the Starbucks coffee prize to send out all my e-mails! I just knew he'd love the win, as seen by the joy in his face when his Mom got him a sweet, new coffee machine for Christmas! Me however, I just can't bare to spend $12/bag for ANY coffee! Although, I do love me some chocolate coffee! Yummy! Anyways, now I think we are set for a while! Except now we have to buy a coffee grinder! Thanks AHA!!!

Also, don't forget to support me in the Heart Walk by donating online by Friday, September 25th!

Heart Walk

I am walking in the Kentuckiana American Heart Association Heart Walk on Saturday! I have become more passionate about this cause recently because of my involvement with the open heart surgery team at Baptist Hospital.

It is amazing to see the WIDE range of patients, from young to old, men and women, symptomatic and not (which is scary!), and obese to even thin! While we all learn the typical symptoms (chest pain that radiates to the arm, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, etc.), not all patients have these symptoms!

So, here's my public service announcement.... if you have a family history of heart disease, have pre-existing conditions yourself (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity) or have ANY symptoms, PLEASE GO VISIT YOUR DOCTOR to see if you are at risk! Trust me, treating the conditions before a potentially fatal heart attack, will put your mind at ease, as well as your families! I don't want to see you in the OR! Although, I would take the best ever care of you!

If you want to support me in the heart walk, please visit my site to make an easy, secure donation online by Friday, September 25th!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we go...

So, I am joining the masses in the blogsphere! I've been reluctant, mostly because my life is completely boring. I mean, seriously, who would want to read about my life. But I figured maybe my friends and family, most of whom are states and states away, can keep up this way, since I am a horrible friend/sister/daughter/etc. with regards to the whole phone calling thing!
Most people post pic/videos of their adorable kids, but since I have none, you get the next best thing. Pics of my crazy family, aka my zoo!

This was Max in June on his first birthday! Max is our German Shepherd, not the handsome man holding the dog! That's my hubby, Jim, who turn the big 3-0 in May!!!
Our birds are the noise makers! Izzy, the one hanging from the ball, is mostly Jim's! She'll tolerate me, but if Jim walks in the room, WATCH OUT!!! She starts getting these googley eyes for him! Bailey, the larger green bird in the right picture, loves me! She'll nestle in my hair for hours if I'd let her! Calvin and Hobbes are the blue and green parakeets! They are our little escape artists! Just the other day, Jim went into thier room, and found one outside of the cage! The have been lifting the door for months, but it's too heavy for them to keep it open, so it just clangs away when it shuts! We knew it was only a matter of time before one lifted the door, while the other one hopped out!