Monday, September 21, 2009

Coffee anyone?

So, in preparation for the Heart Walk on Saturday, the American Heart Association had some contests last week! It's a final push to raise as much money as we can in support of heart disease and stroke prevention and research. Well, everyday there was a prize for the person who sent out the most e-mails through their Heart Walk site. I knew I had a lot of e-mails I could send out, you might have even gotten one, so I waited until a great prize day! I sent out my e-mails and guess what.....I WON!!! 158 e-mails later, I won a fabulous prize of coffee, coffee, and more coffee, and then a gift card for, you guessed it, MORE COFFEE!!!

To be honest, Jim's really the coffee drinker, which is why I waited until the Starbucks coffee prize to send out all my e-mails! I just knew he'd love the win, as seen by the joy in his face when his Mom got him a sweet, new coffee machine for Christmas! Me however, I just can't bare to spend $12/bag for ANY coffee! Although, I do love me some chocolate coffee! Yummy! Anyways, now I think we are set for a while! Except now we have to buy a coffee grinder! Thanks AHA!!!

Also, don't forget to support me in the Heart Walk by donating online by Friday, September 25th!

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  1. Congratulations to you and your team members. A job well done! Daddy